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Connect and Do Online Activities

Our Connect and Do workshops and activities are about bringing people together through shared interests.

 We might not be able to meet in person right now, but connecting and creativity is more important than ever, which is why we’re moving our Connect and Do activities online!

Check out this week’s timetable below and join us on our Facebook page and on Twitter – @Certitude and @ConnectandDo. If you want to share your work with us, don’t forget to hashtag #ConnectandDo!

Friday 3rd July | Choir with Edward!

For this week’s choir session, Edward is singing ‘Blueberry Hill’!

Thursday 2nd July | Laughter Yoga!

Lorna is back with the second part of her bag making series!
You can see the second part in our past workshops section. We’ll be putting up the third part next week. 

Wednesday 1st July | Laughter Yoga!

Zeenat is back with another Silent Laughter session for her Laughter Yoga workshop!

Tuesday 30th June | Craft with Jake!

You’re going to need to root around in your recycling bin for this week’s craft session! Jake is teaching us how to make milk bottle elephants in a workshop you can download here.


Monday 29th June | Art Monday

In this week’s Art Monday workshop Jess is teaching us how to draw our own animal scenes. All you’ll need is a pencil, a piece of paper and anything you might want to use for decorating. We recommend felt tips but colouring pencils or anything else you have lying around would work!


Download the workshop here.

Remember to share your work with us over on our Twitter or Facebook – or if you’d rather just show us, send it over to ConnectAndDo@certitude.london!