Solidarity in a Crisis

Solidarity in a Crisis (SiaC) offers peer-led support for people experiencing a mental health crisis in Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark.

SiaC is co-designed and co-delivered by people with lived experience of mental health or addiction support needs, and/or carers.

These Peer Supporters help prevent people from reaching crisis point and promote recovery and feelings of belonging and hope to those in distress.

Support offered includes:

  • Non-judgemental emotional listening support
  • Guidance towards appropriate professional support if necessary
  • Support to reduce feelings of isolation and distress
  • Support to promote feelings of belonging
  • Signposting to relevant services, other suitable organisations and resources
At the heart of the team’s support is the message that it’s OK to speak out about suffering, feeling lost and loneliness.
Meeting in a casual setting in a person’s own community helps people to open up and feel less like a ‘patient’ and more like a person who deserves to be listened to.
Crisis Helpline

Our out-of-hours crisis helpline
provides peer support
over the phone
for adults experiencing
a mental health crisis.

The helpline is open:

Monday to Friday
6pm until midnight

Saturday and Sunday 
midday to midnight

Freephone: 0300 123 1922

The Community Team

Our Community Team are trained to support people in a crisis short-term and provide a safe space for people to talk about the difficulties they are experiencing.

The Community Team can offer individuals a course of three to six one-to-one sessions.

For more information please email:

Eligibility and referral

Individuals must be referred to the Community Team by a professional (this includes GPs, key workers, IAPT services, A&E, or other organisations and charities).

Individuals must also:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • live in Lambeth, Lewisham or Southwark
  • need support with a mental health crisis