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More Than A Provider Event

The Big Connect: A #SocialCareFuture Event

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The Big Connect!

Our supportive and lively event will include stories, art, music, drama and workshops to show how innovative codesigned social care and inclusive local communities are intrinsically linked to our vision for #SocialCareFuture. Split over 2 floors, the event will have a mixture of talks, workshops and creative activities all designed to bring people together to connect over their experiences.

Activities will include:

  • Inspiring stories – People with lived experience, community groups, social care organisations and local government will all share examples of how we we’re already connecting people to live inclusive lives in our communities.
  • Inclusive workshops and demonstrations –  Camerados will lead us in the importance of coming together. Beyond words will share the beauty of storytelling.
  • Connect & Do – From singing to sewing, printmaking to jewellery making or experimenting with musical instruments – why not try one of our many coproduced activities that connect people together through shared interests.
  • Sharing knowledge – Hear about the positive changes being made by social prescribing with Enable and new local community-based approaches to encouraging people to join social care, as well as exploring with Learning Disability England what it will take for everyone with learning disabilities to be able to live their good life.

Together, we will challenge traditional views of people who are supported in our communities.  People are not passive recipients of social care. This event will demonstrate that we are all strong community contributors and leaders.

Find out how you can get involved, contribute and start taking action to help people live the lives they choose. Connected, we are building our Social Care Future.

When: 28 March 2023, 10am – 4pm 
Where: The Coin Street Conference Centre, London
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This is serious stuff shared with passion and fun.

If you are a person who

  • draws on support
  • provides support
  • is involved in community engagement and development
  • is part of the way support is commissioned and organised

come and listen to some inspirational social care stories and share your thoughts and energy.
It’s all about a different story for people, community, and our future social care.

The Programme

10.00 am:  Registration

10.30am – 3.30pm: The Big Connect
activities including

Print Making, Jewellery Making, Sewing, Connective Words, World Music and much more

10.30 am:  Welcome and what to expect from the day

11.15 am: Workshops and Stories

  • A Public Living Room – Camerados
  • Bringing people together – Community Circles
  • Stories of collaboration – Living Well Network Alliance

12.15 pm: Lunch

1.00 pm: Workshops and Stories

  • Stories of Social Prescribing – Enable
  • Supporting people to live a life they’re proud of – Keyring
  • Join our advocates in a big cooperative game to learn about what helps and hinders us in being visible and influential online and in the media – Dimensions Council

2.00 pm: Workshops and Stories

  • Encouraging and enabling mixed ability friendships – Wave for Change
  • Community Based Recruitment for Gloriously Ordinary Lives – Tricia Nicoll & Anna Severwright
  • Stories of the LDE Good Lives Framework – Aldingbourne Trust

3.00 pm: Next Steps

4.00 pm: Close

About the #SocialCareFuture More Than a Provider Events

Many social care providers are “more than a provider” – working alongside people who draw on support to have control over their lives, live in their own homes and have positive relationships, purpose and meaning in their local communities.

To make this happen some providers have become community connectors, empowering, enabling and resourcing people with disabilities to become positive and dynamic community contributors, shapers and leaders.

Present sector pressures, focused on funding and recruitment, mean these important stories and developments are not heard or understood, when in fact they represent a crucial part of the future of social care.

To bring about change a small number of not-for-profit providers came together, under the banner of “More Than a Provider” to ensure these stories have a voice, and to demonstrate the importance, not just to the individuals, but to the fabric of our communities and social care.

In partnership with (and contributing to) the Social Care Future movement, the passion to have a different social care conversation is underway with the Providers sponsoring a series of regional events with people who draw on support, community groups, commissioners, and more providers coming together to share and promote more individual and community-based stories of social care.

Our next step is to encourage more people, groups and organisations to become involved and contribute to this journey – and to continue to press for an alternative social care conversation. Building on the Social Care Future success of bringing commissioners together in a regular community of practice, we now want to develop a similar model of shared practice for providers and community groups across sectors. Come and help us build this new supportive and innovative community of practice.

Our events are not old school conferences – they are building new relationships and hearing from innovative people, community-based projects and partnerships. They are challenging traditional social care boundaries and established views.

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