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Our new exhibit is bringing ‘a breath of fresh air’ to Brixton!

Artists from our Connect & Do programme's art workshops are currently showcasing their work at the Sharp Gallery in Brixton every Monday until the end of October. We went down for the opening day to see all of the amazing work and learn more about the exhibit!

A Breath of Fresh Air, a new exhibit, is up and running, with colourful, beautiful and unique pieces displayed around the Sharp Gallery in Brixton. The art show launched on Monday the 2nd of September, with plenty in attendance to see the amazing pieces.  

The exhibition highlights the work from the artists that create their work through Connect & Do, as well as other artists from the community. 

The Connect & Do programme works on the foundation of a key message, ‘You belong in your community; with your community, you have the skills to share and something to offer’.

Around the room, everyone was incredibly proud of their work, happily pointing at their contributions to the display and where their inspiration came from. Fantastic audio also filled the room, with the voices from Connected Words reading their work from videos displayed on the screen.

Jeff Krouwel, a Connect & Do workshop facilitator, who has helped organise the exhibit outlined the brief as,

“These pieces represent a release from tension, the experience of something new, or a rekindling an old passion or skill. A ‘breath of fresh air’ for the mind, body and senses.  [The artists] have such amazing creativity; no matter what level of skill they think they have .And it helps with their social skills as well, which is at least 50% of the whole process. Over the 2 and a half years I have been doing this, I have seen people blossom and you can see people become more who they want to be!

Peer Facilitator Martyn Hine, who runs Art Tuesdays at Melvin Hall said the exhibition has given people great confidence with their work. 

“It’s great to see people that think they can’t do something, being able to show them that they can. I think when people can work towards something and know that someone else is going to view it, I think that is very brave. When I think about where I was a year ago when I first started the sessions, I am much more confident and happy about my art practise, also better at leading other people.  I’m a bit shy but I’m quite happy to show people [my work]. I like the idea of doing things to a brief and I like to challenge myself, try things outside of the box; it’s about the process. The most important thing is that I like what I’ve done. The pieces I’ve made for this are pieces that I’m really proud of and willing to show – maybe not the world but – Brixton.”

Sharp Gallery will be open every Monday from 1-4pm, running until the 25th of October, where you can see all this artwork and more! For more opening times, please enquire here: http://sharp-gallery.webflow.io/contact