Hops Not Hate

The craft beer revolution, sweeping lager taps from counter tops across the country, landed with a bump and a surreptitious burp on planet Certitude this month.

The beer was launched at the London Craft Beer Festival on 2nd August and is now on general sale across the country with 50% of the profits donated to Certitude. So, get down to your local craft beer emporium without delay or purchase here.

Hardened bar flies amongst you will remember, or perhaps not, our collaboration with Gipsy Hill Brewing Company (GHBC) last year, when we made a beer called Seven Bitter Men to sell at one of their infamous yard parties at GHBC, raising funds to support our work.

This year we’re taking it to the next level. GHBC have hooked up with hip hopper, entrepreneur, and all-round nice guy Soren Wagner, who founded Dry and Bitter in 2015 and now travels the world helping local indie brewers make one off beers to raise funds for local projects that add social value to their communities.

Enter Certitude. Our relationship with GHBC goes back to a phone call in 2014. We were organising an accessible club night in the basement of an old Coutts bank in Brixton and we wanted some free beer for our thirsty ravers. We called the wonderful Mike Huddart at Gipsy Hill who, having previously worked at Lambeth Mencap, totally got what we were doing and gave us crates and crates of Gipsy Hill’s finest.

When Soren got in touch with Mike earlier this year, he knew he needed a community partner that’s all about inclusivity, about people in the hearts of their community, about it being better because we are there. He knew we’d be in.

First, the tasting. Mike brought us into the brewery and handed us all little cups of potential flavours for our brew: malt, grains, digestive biscuits, honey dew melon, burnt toast, mango and grapefruit. A sensory smorgasbord.  We didn’t want to end up with a boring bitter: we wanted something big, something to raise eyebrows and leave a mark. We went with a mango sour!

400kg of mango puree added to the fermentation and conditioned on 100kg of orange zest. It’s tart, fruity, and deeply refreshing.

We’ve called it Hops not Hate and we’re excited to say that the label features our very own Ian, Andy and James, in the iconic GHBC style.

Hops not Hate is raising awareness, through web and social content, of the challenges facing people with disabilities in accessing pubs, bars and clubs. Together with Gipsy Hill we’ve put together these guidelines to help venues become more accessible and inviting for people with disabilities:

Mike from Gipsy Hill added ‘We want to support positive perceptions and change for people at risk of social isolation. ‘Hops not Hate’ is part of our first step, with plans rolling out over the next year to help make us more accessible. A lot of these changes are simple, they just take time, thought and a plan to implement.’

Big thanks, of course, to Mike at Gipsy Hill and Soren at Dry and Bitter for making this happen. Also thank you to Ian, James, Andy, Mark, John, Robin and Jake for creating one of the best tasting beers we have had in a long time!

You can watch the three videos about our collaboration with Gipsy Hill below:

Sam Mason, Community Fundraiser