Certitude’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

In August last year, the Certitude Board and Leadership Team commissioned an independent review to identify and evaluate the learning from the first six months or so of the organisation’s response to the pandemic.

Lucy Hurst-Brown, managing director of Blue Giraffe Vision, was commissioned to complete the review. In total 64 key stakeholders were interviewed – including support workers, managers, people supported and family members, commissioners, senior managers and Board members – with other people across the Certitude group responding to surveys and requests for information. The review shows the extraordinary commitment of colleagues across the organisation in ensuring people we support and each other stayed as safe and well as possible.

Next steps

The review also emphasised the significant learning gained over the past year enabling us to not just improve the way we work during the remainder of the pandemic, but in the longer term as well. These are highlighted at the end of the review and will feature in Certitude’s 2021/22 business plan and our future organisational strategy.

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