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About Certitude

Certitude was formed in 2010 as a result of bringing two long standing charitable organisations together – Southside Partnership and Support for Living. A further entity, Yarrow Housing joined the Certitude Group in 2020. See our structure here.

What all parts have in common is an unremitting commitment to a set of values that enable people we support to live fulfilling lives. While the organisation’s legal structure may appear complex, in practice all entities work to an agreed set of ambitious goals, objectives and budgets set by the Certitude board.

Together we have over 30 years’ experience of working alongside people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs providing person centred care and support. This infographic provides an overview of Certitude in 2021.

Certitude is very proud of its diversity and wants its workforce, at every level to reflect the rich diversity of London and the people and communities we support. The more diverse we are, the more relevant and insightful we are to those we support. We are a brave and ambitious organisation that facilitates safe and challenging conversations to further improve our diversity.

This means being open to challenging and sometimes uncomfortable discussions, being willing to learn, change and act. To be fully authentic in our actions and commitments – there is no room for tokenism or complacency at Certitude. Our 
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy sets out our plans in this area. 

Looking forward

Certitude’s progress and success are undoubtedly the result of years of effective and stable governance, leadership and management, and sound strategic and financial planning.  This is a strong foundation on which we are building our next strategic plan.

The next few years are difficult to predict and will be prone to continued disruption and fallout from the pandemic. As a result, our strategic forward planning is focused on strengthening the organisational capabilities we need to be able to respond effectively to opportunities and challenges and to navigate uncertain times. These key organisational capabilities include:

  • the agility of our leaders and managers to respond to constant change demands.
  • our ability to unlock the full capability of our people, systems, and processes.
  • our capacity to solve the challenges facing system-level commissioning.
  • our success in scanning for and building strategic partnerships, collaborations and mergers.
  • and most importantly, the quality and impact of our work with people and their families

Our key priorities

Quality & Impact

At the heart of our ambition is a clear commitment to outstanding support for people and their families.

To ensure that people are supported consistently through skilled, strengths-based, positive risk-taking approaches to develop more independence, wider networks of support and to participate more fully in community life as active citizens, including being supported to access education, training, and employment.

People & Culture

Key to our success is the approach to our people – how we look after, motivate, and develop our teams.  Excellence in this area comes from nurturing a high-performance culture and reputation as a ‘brilliant place to work.’  

This is particularly important as we learn to operate in a post-COVID, post-Brexit world where our colleagues and teams will expect us to set out new ways of working for all areas and teams that supports work/life balance, flexibility, and retention.

Strong & Growing

Strategic readiness is about the effective alignment of our people, systems, buildings, and leadership resources with our strategy.  Certitude is well-positioned, well-led and well-resourced to now establish itself as a key partner to health and social care commissioners and other providers, through our continuing development and a clear position on our risk appetite and tolerance for risk. The best way to deliver our mission is to ensure our sustainability as an organisation.  

We will do this by continuing to grow so that we can provide great support to more people and families, but also so we have the financial strength to invest in our people, technology and systems which are so crucial to the quality and effectiveness of our support. 

Our pillars

Our pillars are what set us apart from other organisations providing similar support.  Some organisations may embody one of two of these concepts, but we are unique because we live and breathe all four. We are… 


We aren’t afraid to lead, challenge and stand up for what’s right


We are unashamed about leading from our hearts and are proud to be emotionally engaged with what we do


We will not be hindered by convention; if it works for people, we do it


We are proud to live and work in London; the capital’s energy, diversity, tenacity and openness is reflected in everything we do

What we stand for

Certitude is rich in passion and motivation at every level to make a difference. Our values and behaviours apply as much to our Board as they do to everyone in Certitude.

Our mission

We believe everyone is unique and has the right to a good life. We exist to support those who need us, to help them develop new skills, to meet new people, and experience new things and live the life they want – so that they can bring their own unique brilliance to the world.

Our values


We understand the importance of being reliable and stable figures in people’s lives and know that trust comes from never letting people down

Inspired by people

We value difference and recognise people are multi-faceted; we focus on people’s unique dreams, passions, talents, ambitions and achievements

Continuously improving

We remain curious and open, always looking to improve the quality and depth of our support

Working together

We work alongside people, not for them, and understand that we are at our best when we are working together