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Just take it one day at a time… Oct 10

Everyone experiences changes in their mental health throughout their life. For Sarah, it was important to her that she never stopped fighting. Here, she shares her letter to her younger self… Hello Sarah, I’d ask how you are, but we both know the answer to that. You are frightened. You feel lost and despite everyone […]

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Never feel like you need to go through all this by yourself Oct 10

This years theme for World Mental Health Day is young people and mental health in a changing world. As part of this, we are sharing Letters to my Younger Self from people across Certitude. If you had the chance to go back and tell yourself something when you were struggling with your mental health, what would you say? Here, Charlie […]

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Talking is the first step Sep 10

Lara Amusan, Head of Service for Mental Health at Certitude, delivers our Mental Health First Aid Training which includes a session on suicide. She recently provided training to employees at the Glades Shopping Centre in Bromley. “I’m glad that we have this day on the calendar to talk about suicide. Suicide is preventable. People don’t […]

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Pushing my boundaries Sep 06

Hello everybody! My name is Daniel Collado Sanz, and I come from Madrid, Spain. I am 30 years old, and fancy learning new languages and travelling around the world. I am also a hardcore sci-fi fan! Coming to London, barely a year ago, I could not imagine how my life would be changed by this […]

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On the Run… Aug 21

Bishnu, Certitude’s Facilities Manager, is taking part in the Ealing Half Marathon this September. Here, he tells us why he is looking forward to taking part in the challenge… “I have always enjoyed running, and I thought why not run for a brilliant cause like Certitude. I’ve been inspired by the way colleagues support people […]

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