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Black Lives Matter

It’s been truly sickening to bear witness to the horrific killing of George Floyd in the US. Racism and discrimination are not just issues for the US, as has been amplified so clearly in protests over the past 10 days in the UK too. 

The detrimental impacts of racial inequality affecting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues, people we support, families, neighbours, friends and communities are clear to be seen. The disproportionate impact of Covid-19 set out in the recent Public Health England report is extremely troubling and adds to our collective concern.

Certitude stands in solidarity with those who want to bring about change. While we are rightly proud of the racial diversity in Certitude, we know that racism and discrimination impact the lives of people across Certitude – our colleagues, people we support and families. 

I have been talking to various people across Certitude over the past week and alongside a shared sense of deep injustice, shock and sadness there is a real commitment to action – ‘deeds not words’.

Last year the Certitude Board approved a revised Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy. As part of this a BAME network has been established to support, challenge and drive Certitude forward. Feedback from this group will drive our action.

The chair of the forum has been talking to other colleagues and is inviting further insights and comments – and importantly the action we want to see in Certitude. We know we have an important role to listen, challenge and act to eradicate systemic racism and discrimination. 

We will demonstrate our commitment to action even when the media light is not shining so brightly – to challenge each other and the system that enables discrimination and to support an inclusive, values drive society where race is celebrated. 

This is the time for all of us to listen, learn and be supported to talk about and stand up to racism and discrimination.


– Aisling Duffy, Chief Executive