Annual Review 2019

Unette's change for the better

"I wanted to make a change and do something different."

Eighteen months ago, Unette Anderson changed her life. She turned her back on her job in a betting shop and became a Certitude Support Worker.

“I wanted to make a change and do something different. I hated working in the bookies as I could see that people were coming in who were hooked on gambling and I still had to take their money – even though I suspected they couldn’t afford to bet. I wanted to do something which would make peoples’ lives better, not worse.”

Unette applied for a Support Worker role with Certitude and now supports people with mental health needs in Brixton. 

“People live in the flats for up to 18 months and when they arrive they might be quite unwell. We support them in lots of ways so that they can be more independent and feel more involved in their local community. Once they are ready, we help them to find a place of their own so they can move on with their lives. I love knowing that people are happier and are leaving here feeling better.” 

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