Annual Review 2019

Changing mental health support in South London

Sometimes, when people are ready to leave acute mental health wards, small things can prevent them moving on with their lives. 

As part of our involvement in the Lambeth Mental Health Alliance – a group of mental health providers and commissioners who are working together to create a more joined up service in Lambeth – we have developed a highly innovative short-stay offer to solve the challenges which can leave people stuck in hospital. 

In Herne Hill, Lambeth, we provide a fast response, short-stay support for people who have a place to live, but who need help sorting things out before they can move home. Manager Yewande Keleko says: “Our job is to dig, push and advocate for people to make things happen for them. People can only stay here for a maximum of eight weeks so we have to be really focused to ensure people get the right support so they can get on with their lives. I’ve told everyone who works here to ‘park everything they thought they knew about mental health support’ – this a very different way of doing things.”

The team are experts at fixing all sorts problems from sorting out benefits or liaising with the passport office to contacting the RSPCA to look after someone’s pet cat. We’re really proud of this exceptional team who are changing mental health support in London for the better. 


Emine, Natasha and Mohamed work at our service in Herne hill

For more information about Certitude’s mental health support, please contact Hirila Rose on hrose@certitude.london.

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