Annual Review 2019

Fufilling Lives - supporting people who are being failed by the system

"We have to give a voice to people who are falling through the gaps"

Certitude is leading a project to support people who are being failed by the social care system in parts of London. Fulfilling Lives is a National Lottery Community Fund programme designed to deliver better outcomes for people facing multiple disadvantages and trauma.

As the lead agency in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham the team, led by Diane Smith, is committed to a co-produced approach. They are introducing link workers, peer supporters and community partners with lived experience to reach out to a wider network.

Diane believes the current system will have to flex: “People struggling with a combination of difficulties such as mental health, substance use, homelessness and offending are sometimes described as ‘hard to reach’; we are challenging the social care system to review its own ‘behaviours’ to understand why people who need it most, find the system so hard to access.”

Of the people that Fulfilling Lives support:


are homeless


are sleeping rough


have experienced suicidal thoughts


have no ID – so can’t access benefits

Peer Programme Lead, Katy Griffith, says that listening to people who are being failed by the system is the only way to make things better:

 “We have to give a voice to people who are falling through the gaps to find out why outcomes are not improving for them. Genuine co-production is so important because we need to hear directly from people who are being failed by the system. Their voices have to be heard otherwise nothing will ever change.”

Katy Griffith is the Peer Programme Lead for Fulfilling Loves

What is Fulfilling Lives?

The Fulfilling Lives programme is £112 million investment over 8 years supporting people who are experiencing multiple disadvantages and have complex needs. The National Lottery Community Fund programme funds local partnerships in 12 areas across England to test new ways of ensuring individuals receive joined up and person-centred services which work with them.

Certitude leads the delivery of Fulfilling Lives services in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

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