Annual Review 2019

Loving friendships at Lancaster Avenue

Our mental health services support people to become as independent as possible. Beatrice* is a good example of how, by being creative and finding the right approach, our staff can help people grow in confidence and move on with their lives. 

Beatrice came to us from a residential home a couple of years ago, she was very timid and often isolated herself in her room. Staff noticed that Beatrice enjoyed watching TV game shows, so they arranged games nights in the communal lounge and invited everyone in the house.  

Beatrice loved participating in these nights and began to build friendships within the house. Over the following months Beatrice’s confidence grew as staff supported her to manage more and more things for herself. Now she has joined a weekly Zumba class, she is confident in attending appointments independently, loves going to cafés, cooking for herself and crucially for her independence, staff have supported her to manage her own medication. 

Last summer Beatrice enjoyed her first holiday in a long time and when she returned, she felt confident enough to make plans to move onto somewhere more permanent. With our support, Beatrice is now settled into her own apartment and living as an independent woman. 

 * Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals

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