Our Strategic Vision

Plan Big, Be Local

We are excited to launch our Forward Plan 2022-25, which has been developed through engaging with people we support, their families, colleagues across Certitude and our external partners.

Our Forward PlanPlan Big, Be Local, will help us to focus on our mission. 

Our mission is why we exist as an organisation. Our values and behaviours guide how we will work to deliver that mission. Our priorities are what we focus on over the next three years to build our strengths and capabilities to be a resilient and effective organisation.

We are an organisation that plans big, but values being local. Planning big is in our DNA. It’s how we develop our best ideas, set our ambitions, and inspire ourselves to action. 

Being local, is how we ensure that our strategic effort, investment, and organisational design are focused on great local support, designed alongside individuals, families, and communities.

The plan is part of our ambitious 10-year vision to become the provider, employer, and strategic partner of choice in the local communities where we work, and to become a digital-first organisation.

Read the Forward Plan in full here.

Certitude - Our Golden Threads

Our Golden Threads

Our golden threads capture themes that people we support, their families and colleagues across Certitude have told us really matter to them. We will therefore make these the golden threads that underpin our various activities over the next few years.

  • People we support told us it makes a difference to them when they can see they are making progress in their lives.
  • Families agreed and said that hearing about even small changes makes a
  • Colleagues across Certitude told us how inspired and motivated they get when they see they have made a difference.
  • We want everyone in Certitude to feel valued and able to achieve and contribute to their full potential.
  • We want equality, diversity and inclusion to be central to our culture and practice.
  • We want people we support and their families to work with us at every level of Certitude to coproduce how we govern, lead, manage, learn, appoint, quality assure, and design and deliver support.
  • Our teams across Certitude have an appetite for more flexible and efficient ways of working.
  • People we support, families and our teams have told us how important it is to have the right people, processes, systems and freedoms to be consistent, creative and effective in the way we work.
  • Colleagues across Certitude have told us about the importance of good technology and they want our IT, digital and data programmes to be smarter, quicker and more integrated.

Our Values and Behaviours

Our values and behaviours demonstrate the attitude and approach we bring to our work. ​

Our values and behaviours help us to achieve our organisational purpose and develop an inclusive culture which makes Certitude a great place to work for everyone. ​